THIS is the Best Fried Chicken You’ll Ever Eat

You’re excited, salivating like a hound dog with your head out the car window, on the way to sink your teeth into the best fried chicken you’ve ever had.

The day I walked through the doors of Duffins Donuts at 3:29 am, was the day I walked through the pearly gates. It was simply life changing, and will go down in history as the day I truly understood just how divine chicken can be after it’s been fried. Was it love at first sight? I would say it was love at first smell, then sight quickly followed.


For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of eating at this fine institution yet, lucky for all of us, it’s open 24/7 seven days a week, to fulfill all your late night cravings. And trust me, once this salty, spicy juicy chicken skin hits your tongue, you will have dreams about your next visit.

Cleaning bones

So here’s the biggest question you’ll ask yourself when standing in line inching closer to the case that holds the gold; do I go spicy or regular? Valid question, and one I struggled to answer myself on the first couple of visits. If you’re open to taking advice, here it goes: go spicy and sit in. Reasons why, the spicy isn’t necessarily all that spicy, it’s packed with flavor whereas the regular (while its still sensational, don’t get me wrong) it’s just not the spicy, and never will be.

Now the reason I stress sitting in to eat the chicken, and this goes for all fried chicken, is that food inevitably sweats in its to-go bag, which will result in you losing out on the maximum crunch factor that this chicken so successfully achieves. Also, eating in is always an experience. The late night crowd is a fun one to observe; you’ve got your stoned highschoolers, comedians after a late show, solo guy, families, and couples. Looking around the room, most people have a plate of fried chicken and there’s an unsaid sense of unity, as you smile and nod as if you’re saying “I get you, we’re addicted to chicken, and that’s okay.”

So for all you chicken lovers, like myself, do yourself a favor and pop into your nearest Duffins Donuts and tell me how you really feel after this meal.


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