Confessions – I Drunk Yelp!

The panic, the sheer panic that sets in the minute you open your eyes after a booze filled evening. YOU HAD A NIGHT last night, and make a B line toward your phone. Did you drunk text, dial or FaceTime anyone you semi-like, are in love with or despise?

Not quite, you drunk “Yelped?”

Well, at least, that’s what happened in my case.

Confession of the month:

 I drunk Yelp

Some of of you may not know this yet, but I became a Yelp Elite (a community of recognized Yelpers that post great reviews and photos of local eateries) this year – one of my greater accomplishments in life, and I’ve been consistently adding to my list of reviews on a weekly basis. I want to maintain my Elite status, so I’ve been extremely active online…perhaps a little too active.

Let me set the stage:

I was cabbing home from the luxurious Grand Marnier Speakeasy Party back in October. I told the cab driver my home address, and we were en route. My hunger pangs crept up fast, and all of a sudden, I felt an extreme desperation for pizza. But not just any pizza. I immediately told the cab driver to scratch the original destination and to please take me to 2440 Commercial Drive, better known as MEGABITE HQ. 

I paid for my cab and darted toward the door; I could see the bottle of Megabite garlic sauce waiting for me through the steam covered windows.

I ordered two slices o’ pizza (will power since I could have easily done a whole pizza) and felt instant relief after I took my first bite. This pizza was everything I needed and more – cheesy, gooey, meaty.


After I licked the cardboard plate clean, I went home, climbed into bed and logged onto Yelp to profess my love for what I had just experienced. Here’s what I wrote about my dear friends at Megabite…

And since then, I’ve been back for more.




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