Holiday Gift Guide for the Food Lover

As a certified food lover myself, let me ease your Holiday shopping woes with the ultimate list of presents to gift The Foodie, the food lover, and the food obsessed.

Let’s start off with the obvious…

Cheese: If you don’t eat cheese on the regular, you’re not living! An assortment of cheeses make for the perfect stocking stuffers; or, you can fill a basket with cheese + wine + chocolate, if you’re looking for a real home run. I highly recommend providing some variety – soft cheeses like a Brie or Camembert, semi-firm like a smoked Cheddar and a real stinky cheese like a Gorgonzola. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

Charcuterie Board: Many foodies, and food bloggers for that matter, love to host a little soiree or two with their friends to showcase their new assortment cheeses they got for Xmas. I absolutely love the sleek designs at Bowyer and Toulson. If you’re looking for a more inexpensive option, check out Crate and Barrel. 

Pickling Set: I need this in my life; I hope someone from my family reads this blog post and buys me this. I have been wanting to pickle my own veg, eggs, kimchi since the summer, after a friend of mine told me all about her fond pickling experience. Think of the endless garnish your food beau will have on hand to add to your Caesar.


Le Creuset Kitchenware.: This gift idea is geared toward The Cook. I may be a foodie, but I do not own a single piece from Le Creuset, because I like to eat more than cook. But, my sister is a wonderful at home chef, and she has Le Creuset everything and swears by it. The French know what they’re doing when it comes to stellar kitchenware. Bon Appetit!

A Cookbook Devoted to Their Favorite Food: Over the weekend, I was gifted an early birthday gift from my bestie who presented me with a bible of sorts,  The Big Book of Chicken by Betty Crocker. Find out what munchies makes your food obsessed friend tick, then buy them a cookbook that highlights this food (make sure there are lots of photos!)

Pizza Duvet Cover: One of the best ways to express one’s love for food is by sleeping with it. No, not that you sicko. I’m referring to pizza sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases you name it. You can find awesome prints and designs for bedding and pillow at Cafe Press and/or Wayfair. 

Date Night at Their Favorite Restaurant: This way you reap the benefits too, by enjoying some great food and even better company! Does your food loving friend always talk about how much they love the crispy fried chicken at Juke Chicken? Why not treat them to a bite and brew during the holidays.

The Case Loco Foodie Phone Case: Just type the words food phone case in Etsy and voila, you have endless handmade phone cases covered in doughnuts, pizza, tacos. An excellent stocking stuff item under $20.

Spices & Salsas: Spice up your Foodie’s life with the one of a kind William Sonoma Vile Spice Block set that comes with 22 spices in pretty packaging (a must).  No into spice? Take a perusal through the other gift basket offerings William Sonoma has on the web and you’re bound to find something that satisfies the taste buds of any food addicted soul.



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