Confessions – I Love Steak Fat

Most of you are thinking “she loves steak fat,” no biggie. Oh but there are two stories that sum up my love affair with steak fat that some would find shameful, pathetic and nauseating. These were; however, glorious moments in my life when my love for steak fat was at an all time high.

Confession of the Month:

I love steak fat

I love steak fat so much that one time, back in my younger years, I ate the fat off of my roommate’s T-bone steak they had left overnight beside the garbage. Clearly they were done with their steak, but they weren’t even close. What’s worse is I ate it at 9am in private, so no one would judge me for eating someone’s “garbage.”

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

In second year university I had the pleasure of living with 4 incredible roommates who understood my love of food, but most importantly, my obsession with steak fat. One evening they were all heading to The Keg Steakhouse. Being the poor student I was, The Keg was a touch pricey at the time for my wallet so I opted to sit this one out.

Before my roommates headed out the door, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked them what they were going to order. “Steak of course!” they said. I couldn’t help myself and before I could stop the words from leaving my mouth, I “jokingly” told them to bring home their steak fat for me.

Two long agonizing hours of waiting to see if my roomies pulled through. They exceeded my expectations; they had not one, but TWO take-away containers with steak fat!

I was beaming.

They also said when they asked the waiter to pack up their steak fat, he replied with “awe, is it for your dog at home?” To which they said, “Yes…”


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