Cheap Eats: Breakfast For Dinner

It’s almost Friday and you’re running low on groceries as the week comes to an end. You have roughly $98 dollars to your name, which you need for your next car payment, so delivery is completely out of the question.

I’ve got a quick, cheap and easy dinner option for you that requires only three items less than $12 altogether, costing you only .94 cents per night. 

Drum roll please…

Breakfast for Dinner!

My personal fave and immediate go-to is my delicious open face fried egg sandy (sandwich) with slices of old cheddar and Asiago shavings. This is as cheap as they come and altogether incredibly satisfying.   

Here’s how I make Kate’s open face fried egg sandy:

1 Slice of Oliviers Light Rye – $3.49/loaf

4 Slices of Black Diamond old cheddar – $5.34/450 grams (Often on sale)

1 Large brown Compliments egg – $2.49/dozen

Salt + Pepper to taste

*For extra flare and flavor I add grated Asiago on my toast and egg.

Total: $11.32 for 12 dinners. Think about that, it’s only $.94 per dinner!

Healthy on the wallet and the waistline!

If you want more options for cheap eats, I’ve got more coming your way in the weeks to come!


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