Vancouver is Crazy for Kombucha And So Am I

Kombucha (Kom-boo-cha): How fun is that to say over and over again. Rolls right off the tongue. (I’ve said it out loud very slowly 7 times in the last minute).

Now maybe some of you are reading this and saying WTF is Kombucha? And the other half of you are listing off your favorite brands. For the latter half, sit tight while I give a brief overview of what Kombucha really is.

Kombucha is a beverage produced by fermenting a sweetened tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria (uhhh what?) aka. a delicious, low in sugar, lightly carbonated black or green tea which gained popularity due to its various health benefits and its all too trendy name.

Read up on these 16 Health Benefits of Kombucha and tell me you’re not running out the door to get your hands on a bottle.

I tried the tea for the very first time in 2017 when I had a terrible cold, I was dragging my feet through the grocery store when I saw Cayennade made by GT’s. I knew within seconds of reading the label this powerful bevie was going to make me feel like Wonder Woman and a million times better than the hot mess that I was. There was so much cayenne pepper in the drink, it acted fast and furious on my blocked nose in the best possible way. Now you can tell me all you want that it acted somewhat like a placebo, but I got the spring in my step back and that’s all that matters.

This latest craze doesn’t come cheap; however, which is pretty well it’s only downside. You’re looking at approximately $4.99 (475 mls) -$12.99 (2 liters). But let me fill you in on a little secret – Greens Market on West Broadway, usually does a 2 for $6 deal which I’ve found to be the best deal of them all because let’s be honest, Kombucha is never on sale.

This drink has gained so much fame that you can find it on tap (yes, you read correctly, on tap!) at a handful of joints in Vancouver. Lucky for us, the Daily Hive put together a list of where you can find Kombucha on tap! Kombucha crawl on bikes this summer anyone? You’ll actually be able to cycle without the wobbles you’d have after a beer crawl.

If you’re new to this beverage phenomenon, here are a list of my top 3 brands and flavors:

Brew Dr. Kombucha – Ginger Tumeric

GT’s – Original

Rise – Lemongrass



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