DL (Down Low) Chicken Shack ***

A new fried chicken joint in Vancouver? Could it be, could it really be?

I had been following DL Chicken Shack for about a month on ‘The Gram’ until one day I made it my mission to try this very photogenic chicken. The shack specializes in Nashville Hot Chicken which is fried chicken breaded and coated with spices, typically heavy on cayenne (according to the interweb), served with white bread and pickles.

Walking into DL, I like the overall vibe. It’s on the edge of being a dive, but not quite there yet. They pump loud music and the staff is friendly and boisterous, which I appreciate! There’s great outdoor seating in the sun and a couple high tops and stools around the main counter where you can watch the frying action.

Hot Tip: No line up for me at 3:45 pm on Friday of the long weekend. Going at awkward times means you miss the long lines.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of their chicken and I LOVE chicken. Perhaps I actually don’t like Nashville Hot Chicken after all. I’ve never been to Nashville to try the real deal but if this is it, count me out. And I’m even sad to say that, as I really wanted to like this chicken, I really did! I kept thinking, maybe I ordered wrong, and didn’t get the right level of spice? Here’s what I did order: 1/4 chicken thigh and drum – spice level hot for $10+ (with tip). A touch pricey for two pieces of chicken I might add. The skin was crunchy (very oily) and the chicken juicy, but the flavor is what left me disappointed. All I tasted was cayenne pepper. Now I know above, I said typically this chicken is heavy on the cayenne, but I don’t know how anyone can eat THIS much cayenne. It wasn’t even that it was too spicy, it’s that the flavor was just bitter and lacked salt. Sigh.

I’m really curious to know what you think about this new chicken joint in Vancouver, and whether you like Nashville Hot Chicken?

To read my full Yelp Review you can check it out below:

Rating: 3/5 (***)



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